UO International Student Association (UOiSA) is a student group that represents domestic and international students at the University of Oregon. We represent approximately 3,000 international students from over 90 different countries. President, Vice President, Secretary, four executives, 24 interns, and hundreds of many wonderful, hardworking volunteers run UOiSA. Our goal is to build, strengthen, and support all international communities and utilize available resources to promote and bridge all nationalities. To accomplish the goal we host numerous events on and off campus for both international and domestic students to have a better understanding of diverse culture.



Tang Ferng Yee

Office Hours: Wednesday 3-5 PM

Joanna Sun

Vice President
Office Hours: Tuesday 2-4 PM

Rosemarie Wong

Office Hours: Thursday 10-12 PM

Cecilia Wong

Marketing Executive
Office Hours: Wednesday 12-2 PM

Brian Sun

Outreach Executive
Office Hours: Friday 2-3 PM

Ethan Shu

Finance Executive
Office Hours: Tuesday 12-2 PM

Upcoming Events

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Have Questions? Send us a message:

Room 103B, 1228 University Street Eugene, OR 97403

Phone: (541) 346-4387

Email: asuoisa@uoregon.edu